Sojourn 2017

The Camino de Santiago meanders for 1000 of miles across the mountains and plains of France and northern Spain. Since the Middle Ages, millions of pilgrims have walked this trail to reach the legendary burial place of St. James. In 2017, collegiate ministers from across the UMC will join that lineage of pilgrims. Over 17 days, we will walk approximately 155 miles, starting with mass in Astorga, Spain and ending with mass in Santiago, Spain.

Throughout the trek, we will follow the way of a pilgrim, staying in albergue (hostels) along the trail. A typical day on the trail will include waking up early, eating a small breakfast at the albergue, beginning the hike in the morning, and pausing several times throughout the day for snacks and intentional conversation. A midday hiatus from hiking will be a regular focal point, stopping for lunch before Spanish siesta and taking a good break for eating, relaxing, spiritual formation, and reflection. We will conclude each day at a new albergue every night, sharing dinner together while enjoying more time for reflective rest and personal renewal.

Sojourn 2017 will utilize a custom redesign of The Upper Room’s new young adult spiritual formation resource, Journey to the Table. Crafted specifically for this experience, the resource will be facilitated by trained spiritual leaders to aid each participant in their formation and renewal. Logistics for the trip will be managed by Sojourn leadership, including a pre-trip physical and spiritual preparation regiment offered to each participant.

Space for the pilgrimage is limited.


Day 1

  • morning Madrid The group meets in Madrid Double check gear
  • 5:30pm Madrid Take train to Astorga
  • 8:25pm Astorga Arrive
  • Astorga Amigos del Camino de Santiago lodge

Day 2

  • noon Astorga Mass at Catherdral of Santa Maria
  • afternoon Astorga Hike 6.5 miles to Santa Catalina
  • lodging Santa Catalina Albergue San Blas

Day 3

  • Santa Catalina Hike 10.2 miles to Foncebadon
  • lodging Foncebadon La Posada del Druida

Day 4

  • Foncebadon Hike 13.6 miles to Molinaseca
  • lodging Molinaseca Albergue Santamarina

Day 5

  • Molinaseca Hike 11.1 miles to Camponaraya
  • lodging Camponaraya Albergue Naraya

Day 6

  • Camponaraya Hike 12 miles to Villafranca del Bierzo
  • lodging Villafranca Albergue de la Piedra

Day 7

  • Villafranca Hike 11 miles to Ruitelan
  • lodging Ruitelan Albergue Refugio, Pequeno Potala

Day 8

  • Ruitelan Hike 10.5 miles to Fonfria
  • lodging Alto do Poio Albergue el Puerto

Day 9

  • Alto do Poio Hike 10 miles to Samos
  • lodging Samos Val de Samos

Day 10

  • Samos Hike 15 miles to Ferreiros
  • lodging Ferreiros Casa Cruceiro de Ferreiros

Day 11

  • Ferreiros Hike 13 miles to Ventas de Naron
  • lodging Ventas de Naron Albergue o Cruceiro

Day 12

  • Ventas de Naron Hike 11 miles to Casanova
  • lodging Casanova Albergue Casa Domingo

Day 13

  • Casanova Hike 15 miles to Arzua
  • lodging Arzua Albergue da Fonte

Day 14

  • Arzua Hike 9 miles to Santa Irene
  • lodging Santa Irene Albergue de peregrinos de Santa Irene

Day 15

  • Santa Irene Hike 10 miles to Monte de Gozo
  • lodging Monte de Gozo Albergue de la Xunta del Monte do Gozo

Day 16

  • Monte de Gozo Hike 3 miles to Santiago de Compostela
  • midday Santiago de Compostela Mass
  • lodging Santiago de Compostela Hospederia San Martin Pinario

Day 17

  • 4:05pm Santiago de Compostela Take the train back to Madrid
  • lodging Madrid Hotel, TBA

Day 18

  • Madrid Everyone finds their own way

Participant Fee: $500.00

Covers the following:

  • Group meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Lodging (along the trail and the last night in Madrid before heading home)
  • Train rides
  • Study materials
  • Laundry
  • Credentials
  • Group supplies (first aid, extra socks, etc.)
  • Local SIM card
  • Contingency money