The Francis Asbury Award 

For fostering United Methodist ministries in higher education

What:  An award of $500 to recognize and encourage support of higher education and campus ministries within The United Methodist Church.  The award will offer recognition to individuals who have made a significant contribution to fostering the church’s ministries in higher education at the local, district, or annual conference level of the church.  The award is named for Bishop Asbury and is based on his admonition to the people called Methodist to erect a school in the vicinity of every church.  “We must,” he said, “. . . give the key of knowledge to your children, and those of the poor in the vicinity of your small towns and villages.”

When:  Awarded annually, with the award being presented during the honoree’s annual conference session. (Arrangements can be made to make the presentation at a local church.)

Number:  A maximum of one award per annual conference per year.

Selection:  All persons, clergy or lay, employed or volunteer, who are members of The United Methodist Church are eligible. Each individual will be selected by the annual conference board of higher education and campus ministry, meeting the general criteria listed below. The individual must be:

  1.  A United Methodist;
  2.  Active in supporting, strengthening, and promoting the church’s work in higher education ministries (schools, colleges, campus ministries, scholarships, Black College Fund, Africa University) at the annual conference, district, or local church level;
  3.  Offering outstanding leadership, above and beyond basic responsibilities, to help bring heightened awareness to the significance of the church’s higher education ministries;
  4.  Involved in efforts in agreement with the concerns of the annual conference board of higher education and campus ministry and the Division of Higher Education of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

March – April: The annual conference board selects the awardee for their annual conference.
May 1: Deadline for honoree form to be sent to the Division Office.
Ongoing: The Division of Higher Education will create a certificate of appreciation for the recipient, and will send the certificate, a presentation pin, and a congratulatory letter to the annual conference board chair in sufficient time for the presentation.
May-July: The award is to be presented at the annual conference session.

Please fill out attached application and email to 

2016 Francis Asbury Award Form

For questions:

Learn more about Francis Asbury with this video from the United Methodist Church.